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A new logo!

FESTMIH has a new logo

Karel Gyselinck, president of FESTMIH officially launches the new FESTMI website and the new logo during the opening of ECTMIH in Antwerp. In his presentation of the new image he talks about the story behind the ‘circles’: “We asked the design team for a contemporary logo that reflects FESTMIH’s work and ambitions. The Federation is active as an intermediate between practice and policy, it is the liaison between organisations active in the field of tropical medicine and global health. The circles represents dialogues that take place with policy makers, and with practitioners in the field”.

The logo is designed by the design team Mevrouw van Mulken from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We asked her about the inspiration for the design: “The European member societies form the heart of FESTMIH; they are the ones that shape the network and make it relevant and effective. The logo represents this role of FESTMIH as a network. It depicts one of its most important goals, to facilitate and create alliances and partnerships between organisations active global health. The circles are the network, the dialoguebox in the middle empasizes the exchange of knowledge and expertise. Together with the bright color and the round shapes the logo has a modern look and is expected to appeal to a young audience”.