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ONLINE course: COVID-19 collateral damage: impact on healthcare services in LMICs

Announcement of an online course prepared by EIAS and other study groups of ESCMID, topic: COVID-19 collateral damage: impact on healthcare services in LMICs (Africa, Asia, South America).
Course Objective

The aim of the course is to update the audience on the collateral health-care damages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, concerning preven-tion and management of infectious diseases, clinical microbiology, IPC and ASPs in LMICs, and to assess the barriers, facilitators and strate-gies for the normal resumption of non-COVID-19 healthcare activities.

Target audience

Infectious disease/clinical microbiology/infection prevention & control, and public health professionals from low middle income countries (LMICs), dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare systems.

More information, see EIAS_Course22_web_flyer


Registration on the ESCMID website, before 2 October 2022

Registration fee: For doctors from LMICs 50 waived registration fees are available; they simply have to register for the grant through ESCMID website.

For more information: Nicola Petrosillo MD, FESCMID
Head, Infection Prevention and Control
University Hospital Campus Bio-medico, Rome, Italy
Chair, ESCMID International Affairs SubCommittee